Jack D. Love, LMFT

Forensic Family Services

Over 45 years’ experience as a licensed mental health professional.

Child Custody Mediation & Evaluation

Confidential mediation, child custody evaluation, and child custody recommending counseling play essential roles in resolving custody disputes. Mediation involves confidential negotiations, while evaluation focuses on assessing the child’s best interests. CCRC combines both mediation and evaluation to aid decision-making. These processes are vital for promoting the child’s well-being and providing guidance for court custody determinations.

Confidential Consultation

Confidential consultation services offer vital guidance in child custody cases. Attorneys gain expert advice and strategic insights, while parents better understand their options and the process. Whether you are an attorney or a parent, these services will enable informed decisions and effective navigation of custody matters, fostering better outcomes for families involved.

Counseling & Therapy

I offer counseling and therapy services for relationship difficulties, stress management, anxiety, depression, and trauma. With empathy and evidence-based approaches, I help clients navigate challenges, develop coping strategies, and foster emotional well-being. Together, we work towards personal growth and positive change.

About Jack

Welcome, my name is Jack Love. I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California since 1976. I provide counseling and psychotherapy for families and individuals. I specialize in divorce and custody related counseling and psychotherapy, mediation, evaluation, and consultation.

Over the past 20 years, I have been appointed by the Courts in Sacramento and surrounding counties to serve as a Child Custody Recommending Counselor (CCRC), Child Custody Evaluator, Parenting Coordinator, Special Master, and Expert Witness. I have extensive knowledge of and experience with the Court’s processes and procedures.

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What People Are Saying

“Mr. Love was the best decision our family has ever made. Jack was very much on the child’s side the entire time. He fights for what’s best for the child which these days seems to not matter to some parents. It is a very expensive process but very much worth every penny we spent. It is a stressful process to begin with but even worse when you have a horrible other side/parent to go through the process with.

Jack is very neutral. He allows the child to not be robbed of their childhood. We need more people like this man. Continue to fight for the children.”

— Chris & Jamie

“Jack Love, LMFT, served as a court-appointed mediator in my high-conflict divorce and created a joint parenting plan where others had failed. What I love about Love (and I have to say, his surname influenced my choice to hire this gentleman) is his amazing ability to make his clients feel heard, and to get folks off their position and agree to compromise. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

—  Julie